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Select a Background Color

In the manuscripts, there's a background color switch, like the one at the top.  When these instructions were originally created in the 1980s, the switch was designed to work in MS Explorer, Mozilla Foxfire and Netscape 6.0+ browsers.  The above switch is active for your acquaintance.  The lemon and white switches will also change the print color to black.  When moving between chapters in your browser, if the black background color is changed, then the selected background color with its associated print color is not carried forth to the next chapter.  Only this black background with white print format is carried forth from chapter to chapter. Each chapter will need to be refreshed by clicking on the background color of your choosing. Also, if you have visited the pages some time in the past, then because of the multiple grammatical changes and augmentations that are taking place in all of the chapters, it is advisable to refresh your screen from time to time.

If you are not aware of this feature in your browse, and if it is still there, at your discretion you can click on the "View" in the menu header of your browser and can adjust the size of the font to a smaller or larger size.  In the Mozilla Firefox's browser the fonts can be enlarged by holding the control key and typing the "+" key. or made smaller with the control key and the "-" key.

The previous Frames mode, for the most part, has been removed.

The Home Page of this web site has a number of writing links that over time have been added to the two principle e-manuscripts.  Of the two principle manuscripts, one looks at the nature of sin and death within our human flesh, and is entitled "The Beginnings of the Mystery of Iniquity", while the other book presents God's prescribed New Covenant remedy for sin in the Apologetics for Holy Communion and is called, "The Doctrine of Life in Spirit and Truth".  To capture your attention to the primary links, there are blinking asterisks "*" set before the gold links.  Within each manuscript page there is a first page chapter menu that will display individual chapters in the large middle portion of the frame. To the left section of the principle menu is a composite collection of the individual chapters.  Found at the top and bottom of each chapter page in both books, is the Red Menu text hyperlink that will bring back to the reader the main menu of the book that you are reading, or you can proceed to the next chapter by clicking on the gold chapter text at the bottom of the chapter.

Although most of the scripture text is incorporated into the manuscripts, the reader may be led to click on the red underlined highlighted links or gold underlined highlighted links, for expanded scripture links that are not inclusive in the manualsThese links all take you to Bible Gateway for further biblical reference. The instruction for Bible Gateway can be found here []  The linked Bible Gateway Scriptures can be expanded to full chapters or changed to any number of different versions of your choosing.  All biblical links are in popup windows to the left of the main text.  They can be enlarged to a full window screen or closed with buttons on the top right hand.  We have also included green highlighted popup links, for concordant references in Hebrew, Greek, and also for a few English word definitions for clarification.  It is recommended that you click the upper right corner X box to clear the resizable popup windows, other wise they will remain and accumulate.


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