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The Women in Christ's Genealogy.

It is the Glory of God to conceal a thing (matter): but the honor (glory) of kings is to search out a matter. (Proverbs 25 verse 2.)

But we speak the Wisdom of God in a mystery, even the hidden Wisdom, which God ordained before the world unto our glory:  Which none of the (satanic) princes of this world knew, for had they known it, they would not have crucified the Lord of Glory. But God has revealed His Wisdom unto us by His Spirit:  For God's Spirit searches all things, even the deep things of Yahweh God (See 1st Corinthians 2 verse 7 thru 11.) Forasmuch as you know that you were not redeemed with corruptible things, such as silver and gold, as received by your empty traditions from your fathers. But you were redeemed with the Precious Life giving Blood of Christ/Messiah, shed as a Lamb without blemish and spot, Who was foreordained even before the foundation of the world, and He is revealed in these last times for you.  (See 1st Peter1 verse 19 thru 21.)

The Perfection of the Lamb of God slain before the foundation of the world, is God's Perfect Lamb, the Man Christ Jesus.  Make no further mistake: For the Almighty God dwells in timeless Eternity and from Eternity, Elohim knew that sin would come into His creation and defile Adam and His wife, Ishshah.  Yahweh the Almighty, knowing all things that would take place in His creation of time, made His Provision for Salvation of mankind even before the world came to be in existence.  Yahweh's Lamb would be perfect and in no way would He be compromised by flaws.  So it is with Yeshua/Jesus the Christ of God, for He IS God's Lamb from the beginning, and in no way could God's WORD of TRUTH be compromised with damning flaws that would completely undermine God's Salvation work that had to be Perfect IN Yahweh's Perfection.  The genetics of Adam were not flawed when God created him, male and female, so then neither could the genetics of the TRUTH of the WORD of God be flawed in Messiah's  Genetics from Ishshah, the wife from Adam's side.  

God's LIFE giving Spirit of Holiness. overshadowed the virgin Mary with the Eternal's Shekinah Glory, and brought God's Holy Spirit of LIFE to the innocent Lamb of God, and He was born the Perfect incarnate Son of God, Male and Female, and was named Yeshua, meaning Yahweh Saves.  

The following four women; Tamar, Rahab, Ruth and Bathsheba are all correctly listed in Luke's account of the Word of God, and they are of the 73 generations of the genetically pure women outlined in the Hebrew ancestry of Mary the mother of the Son of Man, Jesus Christ.  We can not but proclaim the Eternal TRUTH of God's Word, for we know to be an absolute surety that these specifically named women, all had to be genetically pure from their lineage from God's creation of Ishshah/Woman XX taken from the side of the first Adam XY.  Yahweh God is purely HOLY and it is impossible for the darkness of sin to come into the Light of His Presence: Therefore the Lamb of God slain before the foundation of the world, must be born in time from the pure gene pool of the XX lineage from Ishshah, the name of Adam's wife before the fall, and 73 generations later an X chromosome of Ishshah would  be impregnated by the Spirit of God to be of the Last Adam, Jesus Christ as the Perfect Son of God.

These named women are all in the genetic lineage of Jesus Christ from the pure genetic seed of Ishshah, the given name of the wife of Adam before the fall of Man/Adam.  It was after the first Adam and his wife Ishshah's insurrection to the Word of God that they were expelled from the Garden of Eden and after that time Adam then changed the name of his wife, Ishshah, to that of Eve. (See Genesis 3 verse 20.) And Adam called his wife Eve, because she was the mother of life.

The Almighty God of Covenant is faithful to His WORD of TRUTH, therefore the genetic seed of Ishshah, taken from the side of God's creation of Man, would be finalized within the ovum, X chromosome of the virgin Mary when she gave birth to the incarnate Christ of God, Jesus, the Son of Man, and the very Last of Adam's genetic kind.  It is impossible for Jesus Christ, Yeshua haMashiach, the very Person of the Holy WORD of God to be a generic man with the corrupted genetics from the hybridized children from, anyone of the women taken as wives by the B'nai haElohim.  Being One with the Eternal Holy Word of Elohim, then the Holy One of God that was slain as a Lamb before the foundation of the world, had to be of the pure genetic seed of God's very good creation of Adam, male and female.  And so the first female came from the pure genetics that Elohim God took from the side of Adam/Man, and God formed her from Adam's X chromosome, and the Almighty named the female with her XX chromosomes, Ishshah/Woman .  It is this female genetic seed of Adam's wife Ishshah, that will become impregnated with the Spirit of the Holy Word of God, so that the Last representative Adam, would be born in the image and likeness of His Holy Father Yahweh, and Emmanuel, Yeshua/Jesus would crush the head of the serpent of evil, renamed Satan from that of Lucifer.  All of the Women IN the Lineage of Jesus Christ, the Lamb of God, were of the Pure undefiled Genetics of the first Man Adam through His Wife Ishshah.

The Wisdom of God was to hide the secret of the whole of the matter of His Salvation of human kind from the corrupting wisdom of the satanic princes of the air.   God's Word is Faithful, and Elohim would oversee His creation of time, and protect the genetics of His first creation of Man/Adam through all of the Hebraic women represented in the above  four women of genetic purity.  Quite naturally, all of the other unnamed Hebrew women with their husbands, were vessels of the Seed of God's WORD, until the Infinite's Incarnate WORD of TRUTH was fulfilled in the Hebrew virgin Mary.  To say the least, an immediate full disclosure of the Living Power of the Almighty's WORD, was not in the best interest to His WORD of Salvation that brings the restoration of all things.  The secret things of God remained sequestered within the Mind of Eternity, until His Salvation would give the Promise of Life to all that would come to Yahweh's Mediating Salvation Gift IN Christ Jesus.  (Read again 1st Corinthians 2 verse 7 thru 11.)

Holy, Holy, Holy Yahweh God Almighty is Infallible, and the Eternal Creator God is Faithful to the precision of His WORD given in the Garden of Eden, for in the beginning of His creation was the WORD, and nothing was made without Him. (See John 1 verse 1 thru 4.) Selah!

In the beginning was the WORD!

Unfortunately, there are those philosophical teachers who see themselves as wise in their own eyes of flesh, and erroneously teach that these four women, are of Canaanite blood calling them gentiles.  Ironically, these teachers of their own philosophy mistakenly judge for themselves that Canaanite women are quite acceptable in Christ's genetic lineage. These religious philosophers, along with other minds of copy cat flesh, have not done Holy, Holy, Holy Yahweh God Almighty a favor with their explanation that accommodates their own vanity, but they have cast dispersions upon the absolute TRUTH of the WORD of God. These teachings of the hybridization of the Person of the TRUTH of the WORD of God are heretical to the Salvation Word that Elohim established in the Garden of Eden. (See Genesis 3 verse 15.) This wisdom of the flesh produces self generating lies that are birthed in the wisdom of the father of lies.  Satan, from the beginning of his iniquitous pride, has sought to discredit the Holy WORD of God Almighty and that of the Almighty's Righteous Judgment.  What ever means is good with him, for the self generate lust of Satan, makes him desire to be exalted like the most High God.  Lucifer, with his cunning, first planted his seed of insurrection within the angelic sons of God, and many followed after him into the corruption of the self seeking soul.  Then after Elohim created Man/Adam in His image and likeness, Satan brought sin's deception into the eyes of Adam's mind of self seeking flesh, and then in Adam's treason against his Maker, the likeness of God's Spirit left Adam and his wife Ishshah.     

The vanity of the mind of human flesh remains evident in our thoughts and actions of our flesh, and so the flesh's leading of man is never justified before Holy, Holy, Holy Lord God Almighty.  Eternally, God is Holy, and in His Holiness, He is absolutely Just and Righteous from all time.  If you can begin to fathom the WORD of the only Eternal God, then you should know that His WORD  of TRUTH cannot fail because of His Infinite Holiness that abounds only in His WAY of LIFE, where death has no grounds for existence. 

Those who profess that they are Christians and are full of the spirit, have deceived themselves and are deceivers of others, when they ignorantly discredit the instructions for LIFE from the Just and Holy WORD of God,  Only the pride of our flesh would speak about being full of the spirit; but then what spirit is promoting itself and influencing our errors of separation?  If we say we have no sin then we deceive ourselves and the TRUTH is not in us.

The Holy Spirit of Yahweh God Almighty is the Spirit of TRUTH and Light, and within the Almighty God there is no darkness or shadow what so ever.  If we do not speak the TRUTH of God, then we are promoting darkness, and make ourselves instruments of darkness, and not of Light. (Consider the 10 virgins, where 5 of the virgins were foolish.) Confusion reigns in darkness, and darkness is not in the Spirit of Christ Jesus. (See 1st John 1 verse 5 thru 10.) But if we acknowledge our sins, God is faithful and just to remit our sins, and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness.  For if we walk in the Light, as He is the Light, then we have Communion one with another, and The Blood of Jesus Christ God's Son cleanses us from all sin.  Please notice that in the Communion Blood of Jesus Christ, God Almighty is faithful and just to forgive and cleanse us from all confessed unrighteousness.

And the Word was with God, for the Word was God! 

The Word of God is not subject to the vacillating philosophies of human vanity that tramples on the TRUTH of God's unfailing Word.  We should understand that from the beginnings of God's Gift of faith, God's Word can not fail in the least bit, otherwise TRUTH would not exist, and God's Word would have no foundation of holiness, for the Law of Sin and Death in the earth, would bring its corruption and consume all things.  And yet consider the present visual evidence: The heavens continue to declare the Glory and Power of God, and the TRUTH of the universe continues to exist on the sure foundation of God's Holy WORD.  God's Holy WORD of TRUTH is revealed in the beginning of His creation, and is the absolute foundation of all that exists.

In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.  The Same [Word] was in the beginning with God. 

All things were made by Him, and without Him was not any thing made that was made.  In Him was Life, and the Life was the Light of Men.  He, [The Word] was in the world, and the world was made by Him, and the world knew Him not.  He [The Word] came unto His own people, [Promised Generational Seed of Jacob/Israel] but His own people received Him not.  (See John 1 verse 1 thru 11.)

The Word of God stands as The TRUTH for ever, for the I AM the TRUTH does not change in the least bit to accommodate the conjectures of the little human gods of corrupted flesh.  Yahweh God has magnified His Holy Word of TRUTH far above His Holy Name to reveal that He is the unchangeable Foundation of TRUTH. (See Psalm 138 verse 2.) Even before the Infinite's universal creation of time, God's Covenant is within His Word, and His Holy Word does not change; for Holy, Holy, Holy Lord God Almighty is One in Spirit with His Word that proceeds from Him, and the Truth of the Word of God does not change within the Essence of His Holiness.

I am sure that you have heard this saying; "A man is only as good as his word".  We would understand that a man's reputation is tied to his name, and his name is at stake according to his keeping of his word.  The Name of God and His reputation has been challenged by the entities of His creation, and for this reason we read: For You have magnified Your Word above all of Thy Name(See Psalm 38 verse 2.) The Word of God has infinite implications and His most magnificent Name is tied to His Word of TRUTH.  Jesus Christ, the Expressed Word and TRUTH of His Father says of the Words that He speaks: Think not that I AM come to destroy the Law, or the prophets: I AM not come to destroy, but to fulfill.  For verily I say unto you, Till heaven and earth pass, one jot or one tittle shall in no wise pass from the Law, till all be fulfilled. (See Matthew 5 verse 17 thru 18.)  God's Word did not fail in one jot or one tittle of the Torah or the Words of the prophets, else heaven and earth would have already passed away into oblivion.  Christ Jesus is the True Word of His Father Yahweh God for He became human flesh from the genetic seed of Woman/Ishshah, and then God's Word, as Man, was crucified and put to death on the cross, but Glory be to Yahweh God, Jesus/Yeshua defeated death in His resurrection through the Power of the Spirit of His Holy Father God.

For as the rain comes down, and the snow from heaven, and returns not there, but waters the earth, and makes it bring forth and bud, that it may give seed to the sower, and bread to the eater: So shall My Word be that goes forth out of My Mouth: My Word shall not return unto Me void, but it shall accomplish that which I please, and My Word shall prosper in the thing whereto I sent it(See Isaiah 55 verse 8 thru 11.)

My Covenant will I not break, nor alter the thing that is gone out of My Lips.  Once have I sworn by My Holiness that I will not lie unto David.  His Seed (Christ Jesus) shall endure for ever, and His throne as the sun before Me.  It shall be established forever as the moon, and as a faithful witness in heaven. (See Psalm 89 verse 34 thru 37.) 

The Son of His Holy Father Yahweh God declares: The prince of this world comes, but has nothing in Me. (John 14 verse 30.)

Satan the lord of the flies, will be left speechless in his accusations against the Lamb of God, for not even the genetics of Jesus Christ can testify to any form of satanic corruption.  The Infinite God Almighty has spoken His Word of TRUTH, therefore, as He has spoken, so shall He bring His Word to pass, precisely as He intended in His creation.  We are to know for a certainty that God will always perform His Word, for His Word of TRUTH will not see failure in the least jot or tittle of the Torah's Instructions.  For those who have strayed from God's strait path WAY of TRUTH, then humbly come to Yahweh's Table of Grace, Where  God's Spirit of Grace will give of God's New Covenant Provision in the Body and Blood of Jesus Christ, that will assuage the guilt of sin from the earthly nature of our self seeking flesh.  The unseen TRUTH of God's New Covenant is found in the Life Giving Blood of the Man, Yeshua/Jesus, the Christ and Only Begotten Son of God.

And the Word of Elohim became the flesh of Adam

The first Adam was created as a son in the image and 'likeness' of Elohim, but with his traitorous unbelief in the Word of his Creator God, the Holy Spirit of Life departed from Adam, leaving Adam without the 'likeness' of his Creator.  Adam's treachery brought death to all of his prodigy, and the dominion of the earth was in the hands of the prince of death.  With the failure of the first Man/Adam being a son, it was absolutely necessary for the Last Adam, to be of the genetic flesh of the first Man/Adam.  Jesus Christ, the True Bread of Heaven and the Promise of Life, came down to be born in the nature of the flesh of the first Adam, and as a Son was faithful in His Love and Obedience to the Word of God His Father.  The Word of God, became the True genetic Son of the first Man Adam, but He (the Word of God) was conceived by the Holy Spirit of His Father God, and in His birth became Emanuel in the Likeness of His Father; for indeed, the God of the Living is with us, and for us. 

The Holiness of God's WORD of Truth would maintain unto the very last, the physical genetics of the flesh of the first Adam/Man, within the female XX chromosomal genetics of Adam's wife, whom he first named Ishshah meaning Woman.  It was after their rebellion in the Garden, and the loss of the Spirit of Life in God, that Adam changed the name of his wife from Ishshah to that of Eve.  And Adam called his wife Eve, because she was the mother of life. (Genesis 3 verse 20.) The philosophical commentaries with the generic implications of the common woman to be in the genetics of Jesus Christ are grossly false, for they change the Word of God into the lying corruption of sin.  The unfailing Truth is in God's unfailing Word, and God's genetic order of His unfailing Word will become His Excellent Word of Salvation born in the form of the sinful flesh of the first Man Adam.  Holy Yahweh God would bring forth His Man born of His Spirit, through the incarnation of His Word, of the genetic seed of Adam's wife Ishshah/WoMan, to be conceived in the chromosomal seed of the Hebrew virgin of Adam's flesh.  The Seed of Ishshah/Woman would be carried forth through the generation's of the first Adam to be born from the womb of the virgin Mary as the Salvation of humanity, and Jesus, the Christ of Yahweh God, would be the very Last Adam of the first genetic Man/Adam.   

Holy, Holy, Holy Lord God Almighty, will maintain the purity and the precision of His Word that has created all things in His universe.  Just as Yahweh God Almighty faithfully sustains His universe with His WORD, so He is faithful to His WORD of Salvation that glorifies God in the genetic form of the sinful flesh derived from the first Adam.  Therefore the Lord Himself shall give you a sign: Behold a virgin shall conceive and bear a Son, and shall call His Name Immanuel. (See Isaiah 7 verse 14 thru 16) Yahweh God has given His sign, for by His Holy Spirit, His Faithful Word was conceived in the ovum of a virgin woman of Shemitic genetics, for she was perfect within her physical generations going back to the genetics of Adam.  And God called Him Emanuel: For unto us a Child is born. Unto us a Son is given. (See Isaiah 9 verse 6 thru 7.)  Father, the hour is come; Glorify Thy Son, that Thy Son also may Glorify Thee: As Thou has given Him power over all flesh, that He should give eternal Life to as many as Thou has given Him. (See John 17 verse 1 thru 3.) For God sending His Own Son in the likeness (image) of sinful flesh, and for sin, condemned sin in His flesh.  (See Romans 8 verse 2 thru 4.) For unto the Son, Yahweh said: Thy throne, O God, is for ever and ever.  A scepter of righteousness is the scepter of thy kingdom.  Thou has loved righteousness, and hated iniquity; therefore even Thy God, has anointed Thee with the oil of gladness, above Thy fellows. (See Psalm 45 verse 2 thru 7 and all of Hebrews 1 verse 1 thru 14.)

Jesus, the Christ of God, being the Covenant Word of God, was foreordained before the foundation of the world, and would come into this world within the beginning order of God, in the flesh of a true genetic Man, born from the genetic seed of Ishshah, precisely, as Elohim had ordained in the Garden of Eden.  God would over see His Covenant Word, and in the Eternal's time, the Promised Seed would be birthed in a generational virgin daughter of Adam.  My Covenant will I not break, nor alter the thing that is gone out of My Lips.  Once have I sworn  by My holiness that I will not lie unto David.  His Seed (Christ Jesus) shall endure for ever, and His throne as the sun before Me.  It shall be established forever as the moon, and as a Faithful Witness in heaven. (See Psalm 89 verse 34 thru 37.) 

David understood God's holy oath, even as Elohim had previously spoke in the Garden, and then gave His Covenant Word to Noah and then to Abraham, that the Covenant Seed of Ishshah would be of absolute necessity of the genetics of the first Man Adam.  For the first the Adam/Man Elohim originally created, in His own image and likeness.  God would watch over His Word through out generations, overseeing that the genetic seed of Man/Adam, would proceed through the loins of David, a generational son of Adam, and his Jewish wife Bathsheba, a generational daughter of the first Adam.  The Spirit of the Word of God would perpetuate Elohim's Covenant, until the Messiah would be born as a generational Son of Adam, from the ovum seed of a WoMan.  But now this Seed that is born of flesh, is conceived in the image and likeness of His Father the Lord God Almighty.  Any variant or vacillating change in God's given Word, whether by angels or men, let alone by Holy God, is impossible for the Sustainer of Truth. 

For, in Jesus Christ, we have redemption through His Blood, even the forgiveness [remission] of sins:  Who is the image of the invisible God, the Firstborn before every creature: For by Him were all things created, that are in heaven, and that are in earth, visible and invisible, whether they be thrones, or dominions, or principalities, or powers:  All things were created by Him, and for Him:  And He is before all things, and by Him [Jesus Christ] all things consist. (See Colossians 1 verse 13 thru 17.) 

When Jesus Christ, Yeshua ha Machiah, says: I AM the Way, The Truth and the Life of men, then know this for a certainty, that The Truth created all things, and all things consist of The Truth, and without the constancy of the Truth nothing would exist.  From the beginning of creation, failure is not in the Word of God, nor does He change or stumble over that which He has spoken.  For verily I say unto you, Till heaven and earth pass, one jot or one tittle shall in no wise pass from the Torah, till all be fulfilled. (Matthew 5 verse 18.)

The Scriptures, say that: He (Jesus, the True Light of creation) was in the world, and the world was made by Him, and the world knew Him not; He came unto His own [elect], and His own received Him not. But as many as received Him, to them gave He Power [the Holy Spirit of God] to become the sons of God, even to those that believe on His Name, which are born, not of blood, nor of the will of man, but of the will of God. (See John 1 verse 6 thru 13.)

Jesus the Promised Messiah came unto His own people of Israel, and His own people did not receive Him as the Promised Word of His Father, God Almighty.  Jesus, the incarnate Seed, born of the flesh of Ishshah WoMan was of the pure Hebrew Blood of Abraham, a son of Adam,  and not of the hybridized corruption of the Jews of that day and there after.  Jesus Christ, the WORD of GOD is a true genetic Hebrew Israelite, the Last Adam, conceived of the Word of God, for He was not a common genetic variant of genetically corrupted humanity.  It is inconvenient to our pride, to consider the truth of Genesis 6, but nevertheless, the genetic corruption of human kind, was initiated by the seeding of women from wicked angelic beings that have fought against the immutability of God's Word.  Even after God sends the flood to destroy the corruption of flesh, God would allow for the corrupted seed to continue to exist, and propagate its self with its intermingling with all of human kind thru the children begotten of Ham and his hybrid carrier wife.     

Every jot and tittle of the Word of God shall come to pass:  For the Word of God, Jesus Himself says:  Think not that I AM come to destroy the Law [Torah], or the prophets.  I AM not come to destroy, but to fulfill.  (See Matthew 5 verse 17 thru 20.)  Heaven and earth shall pass away, but My Words shall not pass away. (See full context Matthew 24 verse 32 thru 35.) For it is easier for heaven and earth to pass, than one tittle of the Torah to fail.  (See Luke 16 verse 15 thru 18.) The constancy of God's Word remains eternally Truth, and must be fulfilled, or else the universe and all of its contents would come to an end.

In this matter, we should understand that God's Covenant Word is not with the heaven's and the earth of His creation, but with His Covenant Word that He gave as a Promise in the Garden of Eden.  That Word of God shall not pass away.  The seed of Ishshah/WoMan, of the first Man Adam, through the Spirit of God, shall come to be the Last Adam, and fulfill God's Covenant Word precisely as Elohim has declared.  But we speak the wisdom of God in a mystery, even the hidden wisdom, which God ordained before the world unto our glory: Which none of the princes of this world knew: For had they known it, they would not have crucified the Lord of glory(1 Corinthians 2 verse 7 thru 8.)

The Lord Jesus Christ was born of the flesh of Man/Adam conceived in the promised Covenant Seed of a virgin generational daughter of Abraham: But the children of Jacob/Israel, did not receive Jesus as one of their own people, let alone the Promised Covenant Word of God.  It is impossible for that Covenant Seed of God to be of the cursed bloodlines of Ham's sons, Canaan, Cush, Mizrain or Phut.  The Covenant seed of Ishshah, that God ordained in the Garden of Eden, was made known to Noah, and Noah entered God's Covenant in obedience before the flood of destruction.  After the flood, the Covenant seed of God was numbered in Noah's blessed son Shem.  God would oversee that the promised lineage of Ishshah's genetics taken from Adam, would continue to be propagated through Shem's lineage nine generations later to Abraham, and then to his son Isaac, and his son, Jacob, whose name, God changed to Israel.  Then, through that same Genetic DNA Seed of Israel, God would maintain His Garden Covenant Promise, through Israel's son, Judah, and then protect His Covenant Word through David's genetic Shemetic Seed, until the Messiah of God's Covenant Word, would be made one with the seed of Mary, a virgin daughter of Israel's seed. 

Scripture further declares: Forasmuch then as the children are partakers of flesh and blood, He [Jesus] also Himself likewise took part of the same; that through death He might destroy him [Satan] that had the power of death, that is, the devil:  And deliver them who through fear of death were all their lifetime subject to bondage.  For verily He [Jesus] took not on Him the nature of angels; but He took on Him the seed of Abraham. Wherefore in all things it behooved Him to be made like unto His brethren, that He might be a merciful and faithful High Priest in things pertaining to God, to make reconciliation for the sins of the people.  For in that He Himself had suffered being tempted, He is able to succor them that are tempted. (Hebrews 2 verse 14 thru 18.)  The Christ of God, became the Son of Adam, through the Spirit of God, impregnating the Covenant seed of Abraham's generational great granddaughter, Mary.  The virgin Mary provided the female half of the genome of Man, or the ovum seed of the first WoMan, with its 23 Chromosomes, while God, through His Spirit, germinated that ovum with the one Y sex Chromosome that made the Word and Son of God, male in the flesh, as the Son of Man, joined as one in the genetic female seed of that virgin WoMan Mary.  And now the Word of the Father, was made of the genetic flesh of Abraham, a son of Adam, and dwelt among His very own brethren of the flesh, as Emanuel, meaning God is with us. {See John 1 verse 14.)

God does not change, for the Covenant Word has gone out of His mouth, even in the Garden of Eden, and will accomplish that which He has purposed.  For when God made promise to Abraham, because He could swear by no greater, He swore by Himself, Saying, Surely blessing I will bless thee, and multiplying I will multiply thee.  And so, after he had patiently endured, he [Abraham] obtained the promise. For men verily swear by the greater:  And an oath for confirmation is to them an end of all strife.  Wherein God, willing more abundantly to show unto the heirs of promise the immutability of his counsel, confirmed it by an oath: That by two immutable things, in which it was impossible for God to lie, we might have a strong consolation, who have fled for refuge, to lay hold upon the hope set before us: (Hebrews 6 verse 13 thru 18.)

When extending His Covenant with Abraham, God has sworn by His Holiness, and will not repent of His Covenant Word that He gave in the Garden of Eden.  Jesus Christ, Yeshua haMashiach is of eternal necessity the genetic seed of Ishshah, the first WoMan, born of God as the Kinsman Redeemer of Israel and humanity, and came into this world to crush the head of the prince of this world.   And Balaam took up his parable, and said: Rise up, Balak, and hear:  Hearken unto me, thou son of Zippor.  God is not a man, that he should lie; neither the son of Man, that he should repent.  Has He said, and shall He not do it?  Or has He spoken, and shall He not make it good?   Behold, I have received commandment to bless: and He has blessed; and I cannot reverse it.  (Numbers 23 verse 18 thru 20.) The Almighty God Loves/Agape His Son, the Word made flesh, and will not confound The Truth of His Word with confusion, even as He had prepared a Body for His Christ.  (See Hebrews 10 verse 5.) Then said I, Lo, I come: in the volume of the book it is written of Me, I delight to do Thy will, O My God: Yea, Thy law is within My heart.  I have preached righteousness in the great congregation: Lo, I have not refrained My lips, O Lord, Thou knowest.  (Psalm 40 verse 7 thru 9.)

The prince of this world, has Nothing in Me

Jesus Christ, the Son of Adam reveals The Truth of God's Salvation Word with these following Words:  Hereafter I will not talk much with you: for the prince of this world comes, and has nothing in Me, or as the N.R.S.V. states:  he (Satan) has no power over Me; or as the NIV renders that same verse: he has no hold over Me. But that the world may know that I Love/Agapeo the Father; and as the Father gave Me Commandment, even so I do. (See John 14 verse 30 thru 31.) Satan, the prince of this world, can find nothing in Jesus Christ to lay claim to Him.  And for our understanding, not even the Lord's genetics can be questioned, for Jesus is fully the Son of Man/Adam, through the Seed of Ishshah/WoMan, having been conceived by the Spirit of His Father Yahweh, to be the only begotten Son of God.  It is impossible for the Word of God to be of the hybrid seeding of the corrupted angelic beings.  Understand, that if Christ was not all that the Almighty God has said of His Word, then God has failed, because His Word, the Christ of God has failed, and Satan has elevated himself above the Word of God.  The undisputed fact remains that heaven and earth have not passed away and the only begotten of the Father God Almighty, was conceived by the Spirit of the Word of Yahweh God within the genetic seed that came from the first WoMan/Ishshah.  Christ Jesus, the Word of God, obviously is NOT CONCEIVED by the hybridized mixture of the Angelic corruption into the genetics of man.  The pure genetic seed within Ishshah, the beginning name of Adam's wife, will be in the genetics of all of the Women in the genealogy of Jesus Christ.  God created the race of Man, and the race of Man/Adam is in that genetic seed which God maintained in the women before Tamar, Rahab, Ruth, Bathsheba and all the women in between and up until the Hebrew Virgin Mary gave birth to the Last Adam, Jesus Christ, God's only Salvation of man kind.

(Study again The Human Genome Corruption, with the Genetic Question Mark.) These links are not very flattering to the pretentious flesh of corrupted human kind, now called Homo sapiens.

Not any of the women in the lineage of Jesus Christ can be of the mutant genetics of Ham's offspring. To maintain God's Covenant made in the Garden, the forefathers from Noah to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, knew that God's chosen people could not take for themselves to wife, any woman of Canaanite blood.  Abraham's wife Sarah was Shemitic, and gave birth to Isaac.  Abraham made his servant swear that he would not seek a daughter of the Canaanites for a wife for Isaac, but the servant would go to the family of Abraham's brother Nahor, and there find a wife for his son, Isaac.  So then  Rebekah, the daughter of Bethuel, the son of Nahor, Abraham's brother,  became Isaac's Shemitic wife.  Then Rebekah gave birth to twins, Esau and Jacob, but Jacob was to be blessed.  Isaac hearing the council of Rebekah, called Jacob, and blessed him, and charged him saying "Thou shall not take a wife of the daughter of Canaan.  Arise, go to Padanaram, to the house of Bethuel, thy mother's father, and take thee a wife from thence of the daughters of Laban thy mother's brother". (See Genesis 28 verse 1 thru 4.) Laban had two daughters, Leah and Rachel.  Jacob loved Rachel and desired to marry her, but Laban thru trickery, coerced Jacob to marry both of his daughters.  Jacob married both women in the bloodlines of Shem, Noah's son.  In the Covenant lineage of the tribes of Israel, the man was not allowed to take a wife outside of the family of Israel, and certainly was not allowed to marry a daughter of the Canaanites or of the seed of Ham's other 3 sons.

Knowing that God's Word can not fail, we will confront the heretical opinions that cause confusion in God's Word.  The four named women that are reported to be in the Davidic lineage of Jesus Christ, absolutely have to be of the pure genetics of the first Adam/Man.  In the following treatises of Tamar, Rahab, Ruth and Bathsheba, we will examine each one of these women, to see if they indeed meet the criteria of the Seed of Ishshah/WoMan, of which God declared in the Garden of Eden would crush the head of wickedness.  To meet Holy, Holy, Holy God's high standards of restoration of all things to that of His very good order, then the Savior of human kind, absolutely had to be of the genetically pure seed of Adam, the first Man.  The first Adam was created in the image and likeness of God, but the Last Adam or Man, was not only genetically like the first Man, but the Christ of God, was born through the Spirit with the Seed of Life from His Holy, Holy, Holy Father God, the Almighty.  The first Adam was made; but the Last Adam was virgin Born of His Father's Seed.

Together, we will investigate further the true lineage of these four mentioned women, that are indeed, from the genetic race from Noah's son Shem, who is a genetic son from Adam.  We will provide evidence, that would refute the commentaries of mistaken teachers of scripture, even though the evidence is camouflaged in hidden depths of the Wisdom of God. 

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Robert Glenn Pratten